TestDirectly, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) web portal developed by LigoLab Information Systems, now supports provider insurance discovery and insurance eligibility checks. This newly added auto-check verification feature is designed to give providers the ability to verify a patient’s active insurance coverage and eligibility before accepting an online order and processing a lab test via TestDirectly.com

The cloud-based DTC portal integrates with all laboratory information (LIS) and revenue cycle management (RCM) systems and deploys in weeks. Once implemented, it eliminates paper forms and bottlenecks with automation that supports turn-key point-of-care digital workflows for patients and testing providers, connecting them for convenient direct-to-consumer testing. 

From test ordering to specimen collection and processing, the creation and delivery of reports, the management of payment and compliance, and state registry reporting, the portal delivers a better experience for all stakeholders and gives patients increased access and control over their healthcare.

The TestDirectly portal served a lead role in the Florida Department of Health’s COVID initiative in May 2020, supporting that government agency’s plan to identify asymptomatic patients and protect senior citizens while screening the state’s 500,000 long-term care residents and employees for COVID-19. 

The portal’s scalability was put to the test during the height of the pandemic with TestDirectly successfully managing testing workflows for molecular labs with daily volumes north of 20,000 samples. From the early days of the pandemic until now, the portal and its network of laboratories have managed the collection, testing, and reporting of more than 25 million cases. 

In recent months as clinical labs have moved past the pandemic, TestDirectly has helped them to pivot quickly and support all other forms of DTC testing (like sexually transmitted infections, urinary tract infections, allergy testing, genetic screening, etc.) and all specimen collection workflows (including drive-through, walk-up, concierge, organizational, travel, pooled, and at-home), according to the organization.

TestDirectly is a key component of Ligolab Informatics Platform, an all-in-one enterprise software solution that helps clinical labs and pathology groups operate more effectively, the company says. It does this by automating core processes, maximizing interoperability, removing data silos, and providing real-time visibility into both operational and financial performance.

Featured image: Screen grab of the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform software. Photo: LigoLab