Full-Field Cell Morphology™ represents significant progress in standardization, efficiency, remote workflow capability, and scalability of hematological examination. It fundamentally changes laboratory practice and closes the gap between the manual and digital peripheral blood smear review.  

Drs. Olga Pozdnyakova and Benzi Katz will introduce you to this pioneering technology developed at Scopio Labs and discuss the results of a multi-institutional FDA clinical trial, including representative full-field blood smear scans, simulating comprehensive morphological analysis of real-life blood smears, and the clinical benefits of this digital approach. 

Dr. Benzi Katz will share his experience using this innovative technology at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center with specific emphasis on its overall clinical performance and advantages over the current technologies.

Interested in what else full-field morphology could offer?  Dr. Pozdnyakova will present research data measuring cell morphologic changes in myelodysplastic syndrome using Scopio AI-based analysis and introduce you to innumerable and fascinating research opportunities.  

Join Drs. Olga Pozdnyakova and Benzi Katz on their quest to reshape the current state of Clinical Hematology! 

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Olga Pozdnyakova, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of pathology, Harvard Medical School, Medical Director, Hematology Laboratory, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Dr. Benzi Katz, PhD, Director, Hematology Lab, Tel Aviv Medical Center.