Menarini Silicon Biosystems, Bologna, Italy, has introduced the VRNxT sample preparation instrument, a system that automates the volume-reduction steps in rare-cell analysis workflow. By standardizing sample volume reduction, theVRNxT instrument adds precision and accuracy to rare-cell and single-cell analysis, minimizing the loss of precious samples and increasing workflow throughput.

While the instrument has been developed to standardize the company’s DEPArray workflow, broader applications in volume reduction are possible. Current workflow applications are for research use only, and not for use in diagnostic procedures, as the performance characteristics, safety, and effectiveness of the workflow have not been established and are not cleared or approved by FDA.


Gianna Medoro, Menarini Silicon Biosystems.

“The VRNxT was created in response to direct customer feedback and is the must-have addition to DEPArray or any other workflow,” says Gianni Medoro, CTO at Menarini Silicon Biosystems. “This new device removes manual volume reduction steps and streamlines the overall process, adding precision and accuracy while reducing hands-on time.”

The VRNxT automated volume reduction instrument removes the need for manual pipetting steps, reducing hands-on time by as much as 90% and eliminating operator variability. No specific skillsets or training are required for operation, thereby delivering user-independent results with high reproducibility and success, with 99% of single cells retained after volume reduction.

“The instrument helped us to reduce our error rate and processing time,” says Matija Snuderl, MD, director of the department of pathology at NYU Langone Health. “We handle rare-cell types isolated from FFPE specimens. With the VRNxT, we were able to lower the chance of error in the volume-reduction step, which is especially important when single-cell samples are collected, and decrease the time required to process these samples.”


Matija Snuderl, MD, NYU Langone Health.

The VRNxT uses rotational motion for sample volume reduction and can process up to four samples at once, decreasing the time required for sample preparation. Starting from any volume in a PCR tube, the VRNxT consistently reduces sample volume to approximately 12.5 μL in 25 seconds, preparing the samples for loading into a DEPArray cartridge.

The DEPArray system is the only image-based sorting and isolation platform that combines microfluidics with microelectronics and microscopy to isolate and manipulate individual rare cells with 100% precision.

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