Olympus CX33meishiya_EOlympus CX43 and CX33 microscopes from Olympus Corp, Waltham, Mass, are designed to help keep users comfortable during long periods of use, maximizing work efficiency. The stage is 70 mm lower than the previous model, resulting in a large working space under the eyepieces that makes it easier to check or swap samples with just one hand. The stage knob and coaxial focus knobs are both designed lower to the microscope base, so users can reach these controls while their forearms remain resting on the desk. Furthermore, the low-positioned revolving nosepiece accommodates up to five objectives and enables users to quickly change magnification with minimal arm movement. In addition to features that help make users more comfortable, the CX43 and CX33 microscopes support a variety of observation methods, giving users the flexibility to switch to the most appropriate method for their application. The universal condenser in the CX43 microscope can be used with Olympus UIS2 objectives ranging from 2x to 100x magnification and supports brightfield, darkfield, and phase-contrast observation methods. The CX33 microscope has a built-in camera port, and the CX43 microscope has an optional trinocular observation head for digital imaging. The microscopes’ observation methods are also supported with a new LED light source that provides uniform illumination. For more information, visit Olympus.