Miltenyi Biotec GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, a global provider of products and services for advancing biomedical research and cellular therapy, has announced its acquisition of the high-end microscopy specialist LaVision BioTec GmbH, Bielefeld, Germany.

LaVision BioTec is a global specialist in advanced light-sheet and multiphoton microscopy solutions for life science applications. Since its founding in 2000, LaVision BioTec has developed products that address the high-end microscopy market for applications in neuroscience, oncology, immunology, and developmental biology. TriM Scope is the company’s modular multiphoton and confocal microscopy platform that combines single- and multibeam operation and enables simultaneous real-time and deep in vivo imaging. With its UltraMicroscopes, LaVision BioTec launched the first commercial light-sheet microscopes, allowing imaging of large cleared tissue samples.

“We are very happy to welcome our new colleagues from LaVision BioTec to our organization,” says Stefan Miltenyi, founder of Miltenyi Biotec. “By combining our expertise in cell analysis and innovative detection reagents with LaVision BioTec’s imaging know-how, we will develop pioneering analytical tools for biomedical research.”

“Our mission has always been to develop and market new technologies such as multiphoton-microscopy and light-sheet microscopy,” explains Heinrich Spiecker, PhD, managing director of LaVision BioTec. “By joining Miltenyi Biotec we have fused with a partner that will drive our business forward and increase the range of applications for our systems.”

LaVision BioTec will become part of the Miltenyi Biotec family, and will continue operating from its headquarters in Bielefeld. Miltenyi Biotec will market LaVision BioTec’s products.

For additional information, visit Miltenyi Biotec.