Bayer Diagnostics Introduces New Troponin Assay
The new Tnl-Ultra™ troponin assay on the ADVIA Centaur® immunoassay system is available from Bayer HealthCare, Diagnostics Division, a member of the Bayer Group. Tnl-Ultra assays aid physicians in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction and in the assessment of risk in patients with acute coronary syndrome.

The Tnl-Ultra assay for the ADVIA Centaur meets the European Society of Cardiology/American College of Cardiology (ESC/ACC) recommendation of a < 10% level of imprecision at the 99th percentile of a healthy population. Meeting the ESC/ACC criteria is a key attribute in the definition of a high-sensitivity troponin test.

Other characteristics of the ADVIA Centaur Tnl-Ultra assay include:

• A 99th percentile of 0.04 ng/mL, 10% CV at >/= -0.03 ng/mL;
• The addition of EDTA plasma as a recommended sample type, which allows physicians to draw one tube of blood for BNP and Tnl-Ultra testing;
• Lithium heparin plasma and serum are valid sample types;
• An instrument turnaround time of 18 minutes to easily meet the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry recommendation of 30 minutes or less;
• No operator intervention is required for auto-repeat, dilute, and reflex testing;
• Three antibodies with epitopes in the stable, central region of the Tnl molecule allow for excellent sample stability and low propensity toward degradation; and
• It complements other cardiovascular disease assays (CK-MB, myoglobin, homocysteine, and BNP).
Bayer HealthCare Diagnostics Division
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Randox Offers the RX Series of Clinical Analyzers
RX series benchtop clinical analyzers from Randox Laboratories Ltd offer a range of time-saving and labor-saving features. The two RX analyzers combine flexibility with high throughput, optimum reliability, and safety. They feature a comprehensive test panel, emergency STAT interruption, and bar-coded reagents; and they can be interfaced with a laboratory’s host computer.

The RX daytona™and RX imola™ are fully automated benchtop random-access clinical analyzers suitable for laboratories of all sizes. They have several features in common, including:

• Comprehensive test menus covering routine chemistry, lipids, enzymes, therapeutic drugs, special chemistry, antioxidants, trace metals, veterinary parameters, and open-channel methods;
• An onboard wash system with reusable cuvettes to reduce consumable usage;
• Bidirectional interface with LIMS;
• STAT availability;
• The ability to use the same reagents, controls, and calibrators;
• User-friendly Windows® XP software;
• Primary tube sampling, onboard sample dilution, and cooled reagent compartment; and
• Bar-coding of samples and reagents.

In addition, the RX daytona handles up to 450 tests per hour (180 photometric and 270 ISE); and it has a micro-pipette with a liquid-level detector, eight wavelengths, and a small footprint. The RX imola handles up to 640 tests per hour (400 photometric and 240 ISE); and it has a low sample and crash-detection feature, 12 wavelengths, and a refrigerated inner carousel for calibrators and QC material. Randox Laboratories Ltd
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DCL Introduces New Reagent
Diagnostic Chemicals Ltd (DCL) has added a high-performance, fully liquid-stable Total Bilirubin reagent to its growing portfolio of clinical chemistry products. The combination of improved resistance to interference and extended linearity makes DCL’s Total Bilirubin L3K® reagent a useful clinical tool for medical laboratory professionals in physician’s office, hospital, and commercial reference laboratories.

Using a modified DCA method, this novel, two-part reagent system quantitatively and accurately measures concentrations of total bilirubin in serum specimens. DCL’s Total Bilirubin L3K reagent incorporates unique technology, which provides for an extended reportable range up to 30 mg/dL, without compromise to low-end sensitivity. The total Bilirubin L3K reagent demonstrates uncompromising shelf-life, and open-vial, onboard, and calibration stability, while maintaining long-term, reliable performance characteristics. DCL’s Total Bilirubin L3K reagent also features virtually no interference effects from lipemia, hemolysis, and ascorbic acid, and uses a small sample-to-reagent ratio, making it ideal for pediatric, geriatric, and veterinary testing. Available in a variety of different packaging configurations, the assay is well suited for any size laboratory, regardless of workflow demands.

DCL’s Total Bilirubin L3K reagent is optimized for use with fully automated testing systems, and a comprehensive listing of instrument applications is readily available for a number of chemistry analyzers. Additional quality-control and calibration materials are also available to fully support the assay. Diagnostic Chemicals Ltd
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