productA color LCD display has been incorporated into Nova Biomedical’s Stat Profile® pHOx® series of blood gas and critical care analyzers. The 6-inch color display provides sharp, clear images of text and graphics to lead the user through the various operating steps and to present test results.
     The analyzers use a liquid-only calibration system that eliminates bulky compressed tanks, gas regulators, gas tubing lines, and humidifiers. A totally automated quality-control system is contained within the system’s single, onboard, auto-cartridge quality-control pack. To promote blood conservation, Stat Profile pHOx analyzers use as little as 125 mL of whole blood to measure the full test menu, and only 45 mL of whole blood for a three-test microsample. When used in conjunction with the Nova point-of-care data-management system, the pHOx Plus C analyzer can provide complete process automation from creation of test orders and accession numbers to interface with laboratory and hospital information systems for data capture.

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