Carolina Liquid Chemistries has developed a complete line of fast chemistries for the Beckman Synchron CX®, DX®, and LX® chemistry analyzers.

This menu of 100 ready-to-use reagents in bar-coded cartridges have greater linearity, faster reactions and longer stabilities that save time and optimize results for reference and hospital labs.

The greater linearity allows labs to turn off Over Range Detection and Correction (ORDAC).

“Through years of intense research and development, we have created reagents that have wider linear limits,” said Phil Shugart, president of Carolina Chemistries. “For example, our amylase may go up to 2,400 IUs whereas another company’s reagent only goes up to 240 IUs. This matters because when a test goes over 240 IUs, the instrument has to ORDAC, which delays getting results back to the doctor.”

By eliminating ORDAC and sample dilutions — which take a complete cycle, just like running an assay — sample tubes come off faster, resulting in faster reported results. In addition, Carolina Chemistries has eliminated reagent preparation — the transfer of “C” to “A” — which also saves time and removes an opportunity for lab error.

The time saved per test is significant. For example, Carolina Chemistries’ lipid panels, specifically HDL and LDL, provide labs with a time to first result that is twice as fast as some other reagents — 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes.

“Continuous process improvement standards and improved patient care are key aspects of improving health care quality,” Shugart said. “When a lab can speed up hundreds of results by 10 minutes, that equates to thousands of minutes of time saved with faster results for doctors and patients— time that can be crucial in diagnosing patients."

Source: Carolina Liquid Chemistries