productThis stable CO2 Ultra liquid reagent, compatible with most chemistry analyzers, requires no preparation, mixing or dilutions.
     Elevated blood carbon dioxide is almost synonymous with respiratory acidosis, which is restricted to clinical conditions with a primary increase in carbon dioxide in the inspired air or increased metabolic production of carbon dioxide. Classic techniques for the measurement of CO2 involve the addition of acid to liberate the CO2 and the measurement of CO2 thus released by manometric, volumetric or titrimetric techniques. These procedures are time consuming and cumbersome.
     CO2 Ultra reagent uses an enzymatic procedure, employing phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC) and a stabilized NADH analog, which is applicable to routine laboratory instrumentation. Most CO2 reagents are not very stable, requiring frequent calibration to prevent creeping test results while CO2 Ultra is extremely stable.
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