The GlyPro assay, which measures glycated serum proteins in serum and plasma, is designed to help diabetics better control their blood glucose levels.

Numerous clinical studies, including the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial and the UK Prospective Diabetes Study, have shown that long term monitoring and tight control of blood glucose levels can decrease diabetes-related complications. Glycated serum proteins (fructosamine) are sensitive to changes in diabetic control, reflecting blood glucose concentrations over the preceding two to three weeks rather than the six to eight weeks for glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c).

Fructosamine testing would be particularly important during particular situations such as gestational diabetes, treating patients with hemoglobinopathies or when a glucose record does not match an HbA1c result. It also can help when better monitoring is required to provide positive patient feedback since glycated serum proteins indicate a change in glucose control earlier than HbA1c.

This assay uses an enzyme that specifically targets the ketoamine bond of glycated serum proteins. Avoiding non-specific interferences inherent in traditional NBT chemical methods, the assay provides an accurate measurement of fructosamine, correlating closely to the HPLC (furosine) reference method. The fully automated assay features results in less than 10 minutes on a variety of chemistry analyzers. Genzyme Diagnostics