Wellwash and Wellwash Versa

Easy-to-use strip washers

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Hudson, NH, offers the new Thermo Scientific Wellwash and Wellwash Versa strip washers. Both models feature a large, easy-to-use icon-based graphic user interface, as well as a context-sensitive help feature. Nonpressurized wash bottles enable operators to use their own containers, eliminating leakage concerns associated with pressurized bottles. The instruments ensure extremely low residual volumes via the sweep mode, improving the ELISA assay results. The Wellwash strip washer features 96-well plates; the more advanced Wellwash Versa instrument washes cells as well as 384-well plates. A built-in USB port makes it easy to transfer plate-washing protocols between a PC and a washer, or from one washer to another, using a USB flash memory stick.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Flame 100 Safety Burner

Safely sterilize microbiological instruments

WLD-TEC, Göttingen, Germany, has introduced its Flame 100 safety burner, suitable for all flame-related applications in the laboratory. The 15-millimeter precision flame allows safe sterilization of microbiological instruments. The burner activates immediately with the push of a button and requires no match or pilot flame. Optionally, it can be operated by a foot pedal or an external infrared motion sensor. Flame size and intensity are infinitely adjustable. The burner also incorporates the Safety Control System (SCS) for consistent monitoring of potential hazards.

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