Mindpeak, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) for pathology, and Proscia, a provider of digital and computational pathology solutions, have announced a partnership to broaden access to improved diagnosis for cancer patients. Through the collaboration, the companies lay the foundation for delivering tightly integrated AI-powered workflows that enable pathologists to provide more efficient, informed, and reproducible clinical decisions.

Up to 70% of clinical decisions depend on pathology. Laboratories are increasingly adopting digital pathology, which shifts the standard of diagnosis from microscope to whole slide image, to meet growing expectations for precision medicine. In doing so, they can leverage AI to unlock new insights that empower pathologists in making a diagnosis as well as drive efficiency and quality gains.

The newly announced partnership between Mindpeak and Proscia paves the way for delivering an integrated solution that brings together Mindpeak’s CE-IVD algorithms for immunohistochemistry (IHC) quantification* with Proscia’s CE-IVDR Concentriq Dx** software platform. Mindpeak’s AI solutions automatically detect and measure the presence of biomarkers including HER2, Ki-67, and ER/PR for breast cancer and PD-L1 for lung cancer. More algorithms will be introduced soon. Their algorithm for detecting Ki-67 for breast cancer has been proven to identify more patients eligible for treatment while saving 80%-90% in diagnostic time and their HER2 algorithm just outperformed the competition in HER2 low scoring in accuracy and usability.

“Mindpeak is delivering fast and reliable tools to solve pathology’s biggest challenges, and we are excited to expand their reach through this partnership,” says Founder and CEO Felix Faber. “Leading laboratories rely on Proscia’s Concentriq Dx because it offers the robust functionality needed to achieve fully digital diagnosis and is designed to seamlessly incorporate state-of-the-art AI into day-to-day operations. Our integrated solution will enable us to assist a larger number of pathologists and improve outcomes for even more patients.”

Concentriq Dx is a modern digital pathology platform that drives primary diagnostic workflows for reference laboratories, hospitals, and health systems of all sizes. It offers a compelling user experience that allows pathologists to quickly transition away from the microscope and work with speed and ease. An open platform, Concentriq Dx is designed to integrate AI applications from Proscia, Proscia’s customers, and leading third parties, including Mindpeak, into routine workflows so that laboratories can realize the full promise of pathology’s computational future at scale.

“Proscia has pioneered an open approach to digital pathology because we believe it is the only way that laboratories can drive a complete transformation of their practice,” says Stephan Fromme, Proscia’s head of strategic alliances. “Mindpeak’s IHC quantification algorithms are already helping pathologists to make faster, more informed decisions in clinical routine in the USA and EU to advance the quest for precision medicine. We are looking forward to incorporating them into our ecosystem through this partnership.”

*In the EU, Mindpeak’s CE-marked AI algorithms are fully compliant to IVDR for clinical routine. In the USA, they are for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

**Concentriq Dx is CE-marked under IVDR.