Proscia, a Philadelphia-based provider of digital and computational pathology solutions, has introduced the next generation of its flagship Concentriq platform to help the world’s largest laboratory networks keep pace with the growing need for diagnostic services in the post-COVID era. The company says its latest version delivers performance, functionality, and design enhancements that drive meaningful quality and efficiency gains in routine pathology diagnosis for multi-site and remote operations.

Demand for digital pathology has surged as adapting to the pandemic and post-pandemic era has intensified systemic challenges long threatening the traditional laboratory model. The shift to remote work has disrupted the current standard of care centered around pathologists and microscopes in physical spaces, exacerbating mounting pressures created by a shrinking pathologist population, rising biopsy volume, and industry consolidation. Laboratories are now rapidly seeking to modernize their pathology operations to further their commitment to excellent patient care.

Proscia’s Concentriq platform is used by top reference laboratories and health systems to shift the standard of care from microscope to image. The new release is designed to enable even the largest networked laboratories to rapidly adopt digital pathology by delivering the performance, security, and connectivity needed to scale across distributed operations.


The latest version of Concentriq is designed to deliver a natural, microscope-like viewing experience from within a robust digital pathology environment. Pathologists can now enhance their familiar workflow with streamlined sharing, improved access to expertise, and the ability to work remotely.

Geographically-dispersed pathologists can carry out their day-to-day work from within a shared platform as if they were all practicing from one location. A single deployment of Concentriq now supports an unlimited number of sites and users, as well as multiple laboratory information systems (LIS) and scanner types, to meet their current and future needs.

The platform’s open API enables users to seamlessly incorporate AI applications, including solutions developed by Proscia and other third parties, into routine operations and view results alongside all other pathology data.

“Pathology is under more pressure than ever before,” says David West, CEO of Proscia. “We’ve enhanced Concentriq to provide laboratories with the robust capabilities needed to accelerate adoption, helping them to better operate in the new normal and improve patient outcomes. In doing so, we’re also advancing pathology’s computational future by empowering laboratories to tap into data-driven approaches.”