Two Purdue University-affiliated startups have received approvals for up to $250,000 each from the Purdue Foundry Investment Fund to help continue their missions of advancing life science technologies.
The investments awarded by the fund will support Purdue-affiliated Amplified Sciences and Brightlamp, both of which are focused on healthcare technologies.

“The Foundry Investment Fund provides an important avenue for attracting interest in Purdue-affiliated life sciences companies like Amplified Sciences and Brightlamp to help them take their technologies to the market,” says John Hanak, managing director of Purdue Ventures.

Amplified Sciences, which is working on advancing technology for earlier detection of cancer and other diseases, received approval for $250,000, of which approximately $185,000 has been invested already.

Brightlamp, a startup that uses machine learning and computer vision to improve healthcare and detect concussions, received approval for $250,000 in matching investment dollars, of which approximately $130,000 has closed.

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