imageThis company’s cytometry concentrate is a sheath fluid reagent for use when performing analysis by flow cytometry. The concentrate is compatible with Becton Dickinson flow cytometers. One bottle of concentrate is added to three liters of distilled water in the sheath reservoir of the flow cytometer.
The concentrate, packaged as a 70mL fill, can be stored at room temperature. Closed-bottle stability is one year, and packaging configurations include six-, 12- and 24-bottle sets.
    This company also manufactures cellular controls including CD-Chex Plus and CD-Chex CD34. CD-Chex Plus is a reference control developed to evaluate white blood cell surface antigens and fluorescent monoclonal antibodies by flow cytometry. The presence of red blood cells allows the control to simulate a patient specimen, and the product can qualify as a positive procedure control for immunophenotyping by flow cytometry. The product controls the critical step of red blood cell lysis, which is important for accurate results.
    CD-Chex CD34 is a whole blood control manufactured from human placental blood for use as a complete process control when enumerating CD34+ cells by flow cytometry. This control is designed to represent blood samples containing CD34+ cells having characteristics similar to progenitor cells; low side scatter properties, CD34 expression and low expression of CD45 as compared to lymphocytes. This product is for in vitro diagnostic use.
    Cyto-Chex reagent is designed to preserve white blood cells in peripheral blood samples for up to seven days prior to immunophenotyping. It demonstrates no changes in percent recovery or light scatter characteristics throughout the dating of the product. The reagent can be used for batching samples to hold over the weekend or for transporting samples from draw site to analysis destination. It can reduce labor time, eliminate weekend/late shift work and reduce the daily start-up costs of the flow cytometer. The product has a one-year closed-vial stability and features a variety of packaging configurations. Streck Laboratories