OptraScan, San Jose, Calif, is now offering its OS-FL and OS-FLi scanners on a pay-per-use basis. The scanners are capable of batch processing in both fluorescence and brightfield modalities, coupled with intuitive workflow and seamlessly integrated image analysis solution. The scanner is compact, easy to operate and generates high-resolution images. The OS-FL is a cloud-enabled fluorescence scanner, while OS-FLi is a cloud-enabled fluorescence and brightfield scanner with 15-slide capacity. The scanners can capture multiple markers on a single image, with clear channel separation and utmost precision allowing researchers to gain an in-depth insight on rare samples. Furthermore, it can accommodate up to 15 filter cubes and produce up to 30 combinations of excitation, emission, and dichroic signals to be applied across a scanning batch, offering flexibility for the various samples in pharmaceutical and research laboratories. The analysis module is equipped with simple to use interface for multiplex immunohistochemistry image analysis suite designed for quick image analysis, feature extraction, ROI detection, and exporting data in industry standard formats and many more features. For more information, visit OptraSCAN.