Atlanta-based BioIQ, in partnership with P23 Labs, Little Rock, Ark, has launched the first home test that combines covid-19, influenza A and B, and a 21-test respiratory panel from a single sample of saliva. P23 Labs received FDA emergency use authorization for the covid-19 and was also able to validate the single sample collection for their respiratory panel, producing a solution for one sample to be tested across multiple assays.
“In the first phase of this battle against covid-19, laboratories responded with testing but often this testing did not get to the people and businesses who needed it most. It lacked a delivery model and technology platform,” says Justin Bellante, CEO of BioIQ. “BioIQ is committed to helping the nation add testing capacity for the challenge, and not repeat shortcomings of the past, by adding innovative testing and tools such as telehealth, contact tracing, and communication/notifications, in concert with a technology platform that enables delivery at scale and provides the access and convenience for consumers in a second-wave scenario.”

“Because consumers and employers are bracing for one of the most challenging flu seasons in history, P23 Labs thought it critical to have a solution supporting this unique circumstance, keeping the country and the economy moving forward,” says Bernadette M. Mandes Wildemore, MD, chief medical officer of P23 Labs.

In addition to covid-19 and influenza, the home saliva test offers adenovirus, other coronaviruses, rhinovirus, parainfluenzas, pneumoniae, and other respiratory conditions.

For more information, visit BioIQ and P23 Labs.