Cytek Biosciences, Fremont, Calif, says it has demonstrated a high-quality, 40-color panel from a single sample using the Cytek Aurora flow cytometry system. Used for gathering information about cell biology in order to fight diseases, conventional fluorescence-based flow cytometers are capable of analyzing only a maximum of 20 colors, the company says.

The Aurora system features a unique combination of patent-pending innovative technologies and is available with up to five lasers to enable analyzing up to 40 markers simultaneously in one sample. Users can combine all of their markers in one sample and achieve high resolution for each individual marker. The single test provides scientists flexible dye choices, sample autofluorescence, intuitive workflows, and the capability of extracting highly multiplexed data at a lower cost than other flow cytometry systems, according to Cytek.

“As the flow cytometry market continues to expand rapidly and reach an estimated $8.92 billion globally by 2026, we fully expect that the Aurora will become a large, powerful, and capable presence in the market,” says Wenbin Jang, CEO of Cytek Biosciences. “We are committed to addressing the lack of access to advanced scientific instrumentation and giving scientists the tools they need to take their fields to the next level. High-quality 40-color data makes in-depth insights and statistically powerful numbers from rare sample populations possible and accelerates the pace of scientific discovery.”

Because flow cytometry can use a single sample to profile a large panel of heterogenous cells on a cell-by-cell basis, the technology is used widely by scientists to gather in-depth information in cancer, immunology, infectious diseases, and other areas of cell biology. The technology is also used in DNA and extracellular vesicle research.

Cytek says that the number of applications will grow as scientists gain access to flow cytometers with higher throughput and increased multiplexing capabilities than those systems traditionally used.

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Featured image: A Cytek Biosciences systems engineer and application specialist shares the record-breaking 40-color fluorescence flow cytometry panel achieved on a five-laser Cytek Aurora.