Phitonex, Durham, NC, has launched a suite of fluorescent labels for single-cell analysis by flow cytometry. They also released a suite of fluorescent labels for a third laser line (NovaRed), introduced the first digital fluorescent labels, and are offering their innovative NovaFluor labels conjugated directly to antibodies. Building on Phitonex’s current NovaBlue and NovaYellow fluorescent labels created on the NovaFluor platform and now in use in research laboratories worldwide, the company has significantly expanded its suite of fluorescent labels available for single cell analysis, after having announced 19 fluorescent labels in the first half of 2020. Additionally, Phitonex is releasing the first fluorescent labels with digital brightness. “Our new line of NovaFluors significantly expands the clean fluorescent labels that researchers need to continue pushing the boundaries of discovery on life-threatening diseases,” says Craig LaBoda, PhD, cofounder and chief technology officer of Phitonex. “By offering NovaFluor labeled antibodies directly to our customers, we are incredibly excited that our innovations can be used by a larger set of scientists.” Phitonex NovaFluor fluorescent labels and antibodies offer

  • Spectral clarity: NovaFluors are designed for biology, emit light cleanly, and remove the experimental design constraints of traditional dyes
  • Plug and play capability: NovaFluors upgrade the number of questions asked per cell immediately and are compatible with a range of instruments
  • Unmatched stability and consistency: Phitonex labels lead the industry in terms of lot-to-lot variation, enabling reproducible insight

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