Monitor Immunophenotyping
Including verification of mAb reagents
CD-Chex Plus from Streck, Omaha, Neb, is a positive procedural control for monitoring Streck CD-Chex Plus 2immunophenotyping by flow cytometry. It provides assayed CD markers on a single control, including those on the HIV panel of markers recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a normal level of CD34+ cells. CD-Chex Plus is manufactured from normal human peripheral blood leukocytes and erythrocytes. It is available in two clinically relevant levels of CD4+ cells. It verifies the accuracy and reproducibility of the steps involved in the process of immunophenotyping, including verification of mAb reagents, validation of instrument performance, validation of operator technique, and verification of red blood cell lysis.
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Enumerate CD34 Positive Cells
Available in three levels
The CD-Chex CD34 from Streck, Omaha, Neb, is a positive procedural control for enumerating CD34 Streck CD-Chex CD34positive cells by flow cytometry. The CD34 positive cells have characteristics of human hematopoietic progenitor cells. CD-Chex CD34 is available in three levels, providing reference values similar to levels found in normal peripheral blood, bone marrow, cord blood, and mobilized patient samples. It is compatible with ISHAGE gating strategies as well as commercially available enumeration kits. CD-Chex CD34 has a 30-day open-vial stability and a 90-day closed-vial stability.
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Flow Cytometry System
Increases productivity, improves reliability and reproducibility of results
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Indianapolis, has received FDA approval for in vitro diagnostic use of its Navios flow cytometry BCLS Naviossystem. The cytometer may be used for immunophenotyping along with proprietary Navios tetra software and CYTO-STAT tetraCHROME reagents. The instrument facilitates simultaneous measurements of integral, peak, and width for all scatter measurements and up to 10 fluorescent parameters, and incorporates 12 detectors—10 fluorescence detectors and two light-scattering detectors. These ready-to-use reagents simplify sample preparation, and a no-wash protocol minimizes sample handling and improves lab safety. The company’s Navios tetra system, for simultaneous identification and enumeration of T, B, and NK lymphocytes in whole blood, provides a user-friendly solution for multicolor flow cytometric analysis of lymphocyte subsets and CD4+ and CD8+ T cell subsets ratios.
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
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