BriskHeat, Columbus, Ohio, a provider of flexible heating, insulating, and temperature control solutions, has introduced a line of metal-housed heating mantles with a built-in magnetic stirring function. The mantles uniformly heat round-bottom flasks while magnetic stirrers stir the contents. The mantles’ sturdy table-top design provides an all-in-one unit designed for safe and reliable operation.


Laboratory heating mantle with built-in stirring function from BriskHeat.

Laboratories often use round-bottom flasks in their heating processes because of the flasks’ broad surface area. However, careful planning is required to stabilize the flask and keep it safe during use. In addition to being heated, many liquids must be stirred.

“BriskHeat recognized the need in many laboratory settings to heat and stir liquids at the same time,” says Patrick Doyle, vice president for business development at BriskHeat. “Our heating mantles solve this problem safely and effectively.”

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