Dade Behring Inc has announced that it has introduced the capability to connect the Sysmex® CA-7000 Coagulation Analyzer to the StreamLAB® Analytical Workcell, one of the company’s customized automation solutions for the clinical laboratory. The addition of this new option will provide customers with enhanced capabilities by connecting and automating their coagulation, chemistry, and immunochemistry testing, while enabling customer service and support through one provider.

"This introduction is another important milestone in our automation strategy," says Jim Reid-Anderson, chairman, president and CEO, Dade Behring. "We are confident that by extending our automation offering to include coagulation testing, we can help increase the productivity of laboratories worldwide, while offering customers a broad range of options to address their unique needs."

The StreamLAB Analytical Workcell features an open architecture design, which provides customers with the ability to connect multiple Dimension® chemistry systems, third-party immunoassay systems, and now a high-speed coagulation system. This type of open architecture allows customers to build a configuration customized to meet the unique needs of their own laboratory, taking into account requirements for space, test volume, number of staff, and budget.

"Laboratories are consolidating testing across multiple disciplines in order to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and improve the efficiency of their overall processes," says Rick Lee, corporate vice president, Global Marketing, Dade Behring. "Given the proven acceptance of the Sysmex CA-7000 Coagulation Analyzer, the new connectivity feature will provide an excellent option for customers to consolidate their coagulation and chemistry testing."