Akers Biosciences, a developer of rapid diagnostic screening and testing products, has entered into two multiyear distribution agreements with European manufacturers for its PIFA Heparin and PF4 rapid assay products, the only FDA-cleared and CE-marked rapid manual assays to determine whether a patient being treated with the blood thinner heparin may be developing a drug allergy.

The deal with Cryopep SARL, based in Montpellier, France, covers Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Cryopep’s managing director, Norbert Benattar, has worked on the sale of hemostasis-related products since 1987, including as a director of marketing and sales for Diagnostica Stago and Horiba ABX Biogenic. A separate deal with DiaLine AG covers Switzerland and Lichtenstein. DiaLine AG has been distributing hemostasis-related products for over 17 years. Both Cryopep and DiaLine are considered leaders in the field.

“Cryopep and DiaLine’s respective expertise in the coagulation business makes us confident that we have selected strong partners to launch the PIFA Heparin and PF4 rapid assay products into these European territories,” says Nicolas Daurel, vice president of sales and marketing for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Akers Biosciences. “I look forward to supporting their marketing strategies.”

Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) is a condition in which patients receiving the blood thinner heparin develop a drug allergy that reverses heparin’s intended therapeutic effect and transforms it into a clotting agent, leading to limb- and life-threatening complications. The PIFA Heparin and PF4 devices enable rapid, effective clinical decision-making. Millions of patients are exposed to heparin around the world each year, and 1% to 5% receive a HIT diagnosis. Patients undergoing major cardiac or orthopedic surgical procedures are among the largest at-risk populations.

“Growing international distribution, particularly of the company’s flagship PIFA Heparin and PF4 rapid assay products, is a core component of Akers Biosciences’ growth strategy,” says Raymond F. Akers, Jr, PhD, cofounder and executive chairman of the board. “I am delighted to see the first pieces of the European network established, adding to the already established distribution channels in the US, Australia, China, India, and the Middle East.”

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