Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Raritan, NJ, recently launched Ortho Care, a collection of lab services and resources provided to Ortho customers at hospitals, hospital networks, blood banks, and independent labs to enhance their overall performance.

Ortho Care is a holistic support program that provides traditional onsite support and consulting, and predictive, connected technologies. The program is designed to help labs take full advantage of Ortho’s solutions to deliver fast, accurate diagnoses.

“Ortho takes a very customer-centric approach in supporting the labs we serve across the continuum of care they need to deliver,” says Alex Socarrás, executive vice president of global commercial operations at Ortho. “By providing a complete support program that anticipates customers’ needs, Ortho helps lab professionals deliver fast, accurate diagnoses and avoid system downtime. This type of support is now more critical than ever, as labs face increasing pressure to deliver more value to the hospitals they serve, often with diminishing staff and resources.”

The customer-centric approach behind Ortho Care includes a team of field and remote support staff; e-connectivity technology and the predictive technology center, both of which Ortho uses to predict and prevent issues before they occur; the ValuMetrix team, which advises customers on lean process engineering; a customer training program; and the knowledge center, which provides data and information on best practices in lab management.

“Ortho has a long history of supporting the diagnostic professionals who are so vital to our healthcare system, and Ortho Care is the next step in living that commitment,” says Zachary Ballard, vice president of Ortho Care. “Our customers need consistent, predictable performance from their platforms, with maximum uptime. Ortho Care helps them achieve the consistency and predictability they require.”

For more information, visit Ortho.