photoThis company has introduced the six cubic-foot BBR6 Upright Blood Bank Refrigerator with a 50-bag capacity that is suitable for stand-alone or under-counter installation.
   This stainless steel refrigerator has a heated triple-pane glass door and positive latch and lock. Included with the unit is this company’s HemaPro 101 temperature monitor and 7ER electronic temperature recorder. The monitor and recorder are enclosed in a stainless steel casing that can either be wall-mounted or placed on top of the unit.
   Its forced-air cooling system provides a uniform 4ºC operating temperature and rapid temperature recovery with frequent door openings. It can be specified with options such as drawers, additional shelves, remote monitor, voltage stabilizer and a high-ambient tropical refrigeration system. The refrigerator complies with AABB, ANRC, FDA and other international agency standards. Jewett Inc.