LightIntegra Technology, Vancouver, BC, Canada, developer of the ThromboLux 5-minute test for platelet activation status, has received $5.3 million in series A funding to bring its test to the US market. The investment round was led by Boardwalk Ventures and Genome BC, and includes funding from Coleco Investments, Quimby Investments, and Tower Beach Capital.

ThromboLux is a noninvasive, rapid, easy-to-use optical test, and does not require dilution. It relies on the principle of dynamic light scattering to determine the size and distribution of all particles in a platelet sample. Adoption of the technology is based on the premise that healthcare providers need to get the right bag of blood products to the right patient at the right time.

“We are thrilled to be investing in ThromboLux,” says Norm Francis, CEO of Boardwalk Ventures. “The current shortage of platelets represents a critical advancement in supporting healthcare institutions and blood centers. This test provides a more strategic approach to efficient use of platelets by ensuring greater awareness of platelet activation status.”

Activated platelets are optimal for clotting and therefore most effective for trauma or surgery patients. Nonactivated platelets are optimal for cancer patients. The current standard of care assumes that all platelet bags are the same; however, up to 50% of a platelet bag inventory may be activated. When activated platelets are given to immune-compromised patients, such as those with cancer, they can lead to failed transfusions. Multiple failed transfusions result in platelet refractoriness, which can ultimately lead to death.

William Dubiel, LightIntegra Technologies.

William Dubiel, LightIntegra Technologies.

“It’s well known that platelet transfusions impact the care of cancer patients. However, it may not be known that success depends on the activation status of the platelets,” explains William Dubiel, president and CEO of LightIntegra Technologies. “Since 32% of platelet transfusions fail, implementing a solution to determine activation status is imperative. ThromboLux removes platelet variation from the blood management process, reducing ineffective transfusions and refractory cases. The expected results are improved patient outcomes, safety, and reduced healthcare costs.”

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