Correlia Biosystems has developed an easy-to-use ELISA platform for small sample volumes. The PIXI system is an automated sample-in, data-out quantitative immunoassay platform that integrates liquid handling, sample preparation and analysis. 

The key features of the PIXI ELISA platform include:

  • Microscale: Data from as little as 1 µL of starting sample volume
  • Broad Dynamic Range: up to 5-log of dynamic range
  • Automated: Simple walk-away, sample in/data out operation, with minimal user intervention and instrument integrates with standard liquid handling (Opentrons, Tecan, Hamilton, etc)
  • Fast: End-to-end assay workflow complete in 30-60 minutes up to 10X faster than plate-based ELISA
  • Confidence in results: High accuracy and reproducibility

These specs make it the immunoassay ELISA platform that requires the least amount of sample on the market. This is important for example in longitudinal mouse experiments where more accurate data can be obtained through a tail-bleed instead of sacrificing an animal for each datapoint and comparing data from different animals. Also, ocular and needle biopsies can be analyzed with the PIXI system where sample amounts are often not sufficient for other immunoassay platforms.

Other customers will appreciate the short analysis time (as short as 30 minutes for 96 samples) and the full automation, delivering results in a reliable, hands-free manner. The linear dynamic range of 5 orders of magnitude allows customers to compare low abundant analytes to high abundant ones in one single analysis. At launch the system will run in single-plex mode, but multiplex assays will follow-shortly. 

The technology is based on proved sandwich-immunoassay principles but uses microfluidics and active sample/analyte movement to drastically reduce the times for hybridization and sample washing. 

At this point in time, Correlia Biosystems is inviting interested parties to participate in its early access program as part of the general product launch. Contact [email protected] or call 858-322-1046 to see if you qualify for Correlia’s Early Access Program – certain restrictions apply.  Or contact the same email address for a free demo of the system ahead of the PIXI ELISA platform product launch later in 2023.