Labcorp has launched a new digital health platform that allows individuals to purchase Labcorp OnDemand tests online, collect samples at home, or schedule test appointments at one of its patient service centers.

The new Labcorp OnDemand platform includes a suite of the company’s most popular tests, including its wellness, allergy, COVID-19, women’s health, and fertility tests, to help individuals manage their health and make more informed decisions.

A full list of tests available can be found by visiting

“Labcorp OnDemand makes it easier for individuals to access our leading diagnostic tests online. The OnDemand platform is an intuitive experience where individuals can purchase tests online and choose from multiple options to take the test, including in the comfort of their own home,” says Amy Summy, Labcorp’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “The platform, in addition to our leading Ovia Health digital apps, offers consumers market-leading solutions, backed by over 50 years of science and innovation, to make confident health decisions.” 

Labcorp OnDemand’s wellness test is aimed to provide individuals with information necessary to manage their health. Women looking for insights into family planning can tap into offerings that support their fertility journey, including vitamin B12 and folate tests, ovarian reserve tests, and quantitative hCG pregnancy tests.

The company expects to make additional Labcorp OnDemand test kit options available through physicians, health plans, and employers using their existing ordering channels later this year.