Amsbio, Abingdon, UK, has introduced its One-Step luciferase assay kit for quantitation of firefly luciferase activity in mammalian cell culture.

“Initial uptake of this new kit has been strong, particularly for medium- to high-throughput screening applications,” says Maja Petkovic, PhD, custom services business unit manager at Amsbio. “Our customers have appreciated that the kit offers not just high sensitivity but also the convenience of a homogeneous, single-step protocol.

“The simple add-and-read homogeneous protocol coupled with the sensitivity of the One-Step luciferase kit has been invaluable to our researchers in being able to set up and routinely run medium-throughput screening campaigns for our luciferase reporter gene assay,” says Viral Patel, chief operations officer at Excellerate Bioscience, Nottingham, UK.

Luciferase is the general term given to a class of oxidative enzymes that catalyze reactions that give off bioluminescent light. Biological researchers can take advantage of this reaction and use it as a readout for processes where a promoter region from a gene of interest is placed immediately upstream of the coding sequence for luciferase.

The One-Step luciferase assay kit combines proprietary reagent buffer and reagent substrate components to form a working solution that contains all the necessary components for simple cell lysis and luciferase quantitation. The test is designed for flexibility. It works well with a variety of common media, delivers a signal output that is stable for more than 2 hours, and does not require a luminometer with injectors.

For more information, visit Amsbio.