InSource ToxLox Image crop640InSource Diagnostics, Monrovia, Calif, has launched ToxLok, a genetic verifier for the company’s urine drug tests, which are routinely used to monitor patients who have been prescribed high-risk medications.

With ToxLok, a simple buccal swab is collected with the patient’s urine sample, and DNA markers from the swab and the urine are matched. The test can identify synthetic urine as well as samples that might be obtained from a friend or relative. In addition to revealing falsified sampling, ToxLok is a safety measure that guards against accidental mismatching of sample and patient name.

ToxLok uses 52 genetic markers to identify each patient and urine sample. Analysis is carried out using quantitative polymerase chain reaction and matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time-of-flight mass spectrometry. The ToxLok test has been reviewed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services and has received a proprietary laboratory analysis code, which has been published by the American Medical Association.

Sky Countryman, InSource Diagnostics.

Sky Countryman, InSource Diagnostics.

“Some patients are going to great lengths to obtain more opioids and other high-risk medications,” says Sky Countryman, chief executive of InSource Diagnostics. “Consequently, there is more scrutiny on physicians who prescribe these drugs. Demand for our ToxLok test has been high among our customers, who want an extra degree of accuracy and safety.”

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