Ascend Capital Partners, Beijing, has invested €2 million to help Grundium Oy, Tampere, Finland, develop its portable digital microscope scanner. With a vision to bring digital microscope scanners to every pathologist’s desk, Grundium enables professionals to scan and digitize high-resolution images immediately from operating rooms, research centers, and other remote locations, thus enabling faster analysis and diagnoses.

Grundium’s new product will be launched globally in spring 2018.

“The decentralized and portable scanner will make a huge impact on people’s lives globally, as more than 70% of all diagnoses will involve pathology tests in the future,” says Mika Kuisma, chief executive of Grundium. “After 2 years of careful developing, it is time to shift gears and bring out a product with our patented state-of-the-art imaging technology.”

The investment capital will be used to finalize development of the new digital microscope scanner, grow the sales and marketing team, and ramp up manufacturing.

Monita Mo, Ascend Capital Partners.

Monita Mo, Ascend Capital Partners.

Grundium is part of Ascend’s newest round of investments in early-stage high-tech companies. “We are very excited to have closed this deal with Grundium,” says Monita Mo, CEO of Ascend Capital Partners. “The company’s unique solution and expertise brings enormous potential for international markets. We know that Ascend can help them to grow.”