The ThunderBolts Cancer Panel from RainDance Technologies Inc, Billerica, Mass, uses next-generation sequencing to cost-effectively profile a wide range of tumor samples in fewer than two days. Targeting 50 known cancer genes, including tumor suppressors, hotspots, and drug resistance markers, the RUO panel includes all the content found on the Ion Torrent AmpliSeq Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 and Illumina’s TruSeq Amplicon Cancer Panel products. The system can accommodate as little as 10 ng starting DNA with no preamplification and is compatible with fresh frozen, paraffin-embedded and plasma samples. Designed to detect rare mutations down to less than 5% minor allele frequency (MAF), the Thunderbolts panel is ultra-sensitive and runs on the RainDrop Source Instrument. For more information, visit RainDance Technologies.