French IVD manufacturer Theradiag has entered into a new research partnership with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Institute of Molecular Genetics of Montpellier, and the University of Montpellier for the development of diagnostic and theranostic tools for rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

The purpose of the new development program is to identify, in a cohort of 100 patients, microRNA signatures that can improve diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, allow for analysis of disease activity and severity parameters and, most importantly, provide prognostic information regarding response to treatment. Findings developed by the program may be the subject of a joint patent application by Theradiag and CNRS.

Theradiag develops, manufactures, and distributes in vitro diagnostics and theranostics (products combining treatment and diagnosis), and specializes in tools that measure the efficiency of biotherapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, cancer, and AIDS. The company participates in the development of “customized treatment,” which favors the individualization of treatments, evaluation of their efficiency, and prevention of drug resistance.

The recently announced partnership extension marks the fourth such research agreement between Theradiag and CNRS.


Gerard Tobelem

“There are currently very few tools enabling physicians to adapt RA therapies to each patient and choose one treatment over another,” said Gérard Tobelem, chairman of Theradiag. “Identifying prognosis factors for response to treatment would bring a huge benefit to RA patients.”

Theradiag currently markets the CE-marked Lisa-Tracker line of products, which is a comprehensive multiparameter diagnostic solution for patients with autoimmune diseases treated with biotherapies. With its subsidiary, Prestizia, Theradiag is also developing new diagnostic biomarkers based on its microRNA platform, in order to diagnose and monitor HIV/AIDS and rectal cancer.

According to a company statement, the new partnership significantly strengthens Theradiag’s position in the autoimmune diseases segment. In the near future, the company expects to offer a complete diagnostic and theranostic portfolio for rheumatoid arthritis, including:

  • Disease diagnosis (available FIDIS product line and microRNA test under development).
  • Disease monitoring (microRNA test under development).
  • Monitoring of biotherapies for the disease (available Lisa-Tracker portfolio).
  • Identification of treatment response prognosis factors (microRNA test under development).

Michel Finance

“Our development and partnering strategy is clear: we want Theradiag to remain a groundbreaking company leading the field of theranostics for autoimmune diseases, alongside our other microRNA developments in AIDS and cancer,” said Theradiag CEO Michel Finance. “Our goal for 2014 is to strengthen the initiatives launched in 2013 and to build new partnerships which will help us increase our theranostics portfolio and accelerate the sales of our products.”

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