The editors of Clinical Lab Products magazine and market and growth consulting firm Frost & Sullivan are conducting a brief survey on clinical laboratory applications of next-generation sequencing.

Frost & Sullivan has previously reported that the growing list of applications enabled by next-generation sequencing technology has allowed sequencing service providers to make inroads into new customer segments and research fields, such as cancer research, genetic disease research, metagenomics, newborn sequencing, and clinical sequencing. Researchers lacking in-house sequencing infrastructure or experience are gaining access to the latest technologies through service providers offering complete sequencing workflows.

The results of this survey will be used to identify trends and developments, and will be included in an upcoming CLP report. Individual responses will be kept confidential and will remain anonymous.

Members of the clinical NGS community are encouraged to participate, and will be eligible to enter a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card upon survey completion.

Participants’ contact information will not be sold or used for any direct marketing efforts via Frost & Sullivan or CLP magazine.

Click here for access to the survey.