Cynvenio Biosystems Inc, Westlake Village, Calif, has released ClearID Total Insight Breast Cancer, a liquid biopsy monitoring service for patients in treatment and survivors in remission. The comprehensive assessment of a patient’s biological health is designed to measure immune health status and detect genetic mutations associated with cancer.

ClearID Total Insight is generally performed at regular intervals throughout the year and consists of four ClearID DNA sequencing tests, four NK-Score immune system assessment tests, and a BRCA 1 and 2 test provided by Cynvenio’s previously announced partner, Color Genomics, Burlingame, Calif. The Color test identifies 30 of the most common hereditary cancer genes.

According to the company, a 12-month course of ClearID Total Insight monitoring costs less than a single DNA sequencing test advertised by other genomic testing companies.

The information provided by the ClearID Total Insight monitoring program can aid physicians in drug selection, risk assessment, treatment stratification, evaluation of drug resistance, and selection of monitoring frequency for their patients.

“Our new ClearID Total Insight monitoring service provides a proactive way for patients to gain greater visibility into their health status even before changes are detectable by imaging screens,” says Paul Song, MD, chief medical officer at Cynvenio. “This information can provide an early warning system, complete with actionable information so patients can work with their clinicians to address an issue before it becomes too late to control or successfully treat the disease.”

For more information, visit Cynvenio Biosystems.