Amsbio offers a comprehensive range of end-to-end services for exosome purification, characterization, and engineering. The Exosome Isolation and Quantification Service from Amsbio provides reliable and reproducible isolation of exosomes from almost any biofluid ranging from plasma and tissue culture media to cerebrospinal fluid.

Using this service, exosomes are isolated by ultracentrifugation and quality assessed using a NanoDrop spectrophotometer. Options are also available to isolate by differential/gradient ultracentrifugation, immunoaffinity, size exclusion chromatography, precipitation/low speed centrifugation.

For scientists interested in exosome miRNA isolation and sequencing, Amsbio offers a service to extract RNA from exosomes, and subject it to the Small RNA-Sequencing. In addition to basic analysis being performed on the raw data, screening for specific miRNA can also be performed. Amsbio also offers analysis of exosome surface proteins using MACSPlex kit.

For proteomics analysis, samples will be analyzed by LC/Q-TOF mass spectrometry to characterize the peptides formed. The analyzed samples are also differentially analyzed using molecular features finder and mass profiler to determine changes in the peptide profile. The resultant MS/MS data from the selected peptides will be imported into Spectrum Mill proteomic server software to identify the protein that is consistent with the imported peptide sequence. Both NCBInr and Swiss-Prot databases are available to search for users of this service.

In addition, Amsbio can undertake a wide range of exosome functional assays including exosome-induced cell proliferation, exosome induced collagen production, exosome-induced inhibition of inflammatory cytokines, and in vitro wound healing (scratch assay).

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