Following successful release of its Lyo-Ready qPCR mix, Meridian Bioscience Inc, Cincinnati, Ohio, has announced that it is introducing its next-generation lyophilization-ready mixes for one-step quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). The mixes offer new solutions for developing freeze-dried multiplex assays that can simultaneously detect both RNA and DNA viruses.

Lyo-Ready One-Step RT-qPCR and Lyo-Ready One-Step Viral RT-qPCR are glycerol-free formulations that contain optimized lyophilization excipients that have been tested with a range of lyophilization protocols and formats, including cakes and beads. Their high performance in multiplex reactions, in combination with very fast rehydration times, make them suited for automated high-throughput platforms. Lyo-Ready One-Step Viral RT-qPCR has been specifically developed for amplification of RNA viruses with a high secondary structure.

Molecular diagnostics are progressively moving toward a lyophilized format in order to avoid the need for a cool chain, leading to considerable cost savings during shipment and storage. However, there are significant technical challenges in developing an RT-qPCR lyophilization-compatible mix that has the same highly reproducible performance as a ‘wet’ formulation. Thus, the life science division of Meridian Bioscience has developed a line of ready-to-use, lyophilization-compatible products to suit growing demand within the molecular diagnostics sector.

“We are delighted to announce the release of our new Lyo-Ready One-Step RT-qPCR master mixes,” says Lourdes Weltzien, PhD, executive vice president of life science at Meridian. “We now have a range of ready-to-use, lyophilization-friendly solutions for our IVD and biotech customers looking to improve the accuracy of their assays, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce their overall costs. We remain committed to bringing innovation and quality products to the IVD community.”

For further information, visit Meridian Bioscience.