The 2010 Molecular Diagnostics conference surpassed all expectations as the event’s faculty of thought leaders isolated the drivers and unique challenges of the fastest growing segment of the $55 billion clinical laboratory industry.

During the three-day event, hundreds of professionals from across the spectrum of molecular diagnostics expertise listened in as the industry’s future was detailed from a variety of perspectives.

Presented by Washington G-2 Reports, the event identified the key trends that are likely to impact the business strategies of clinical labs that perform molecular diagnostic testing, both long and short term including:

  • A call from within the industry to expand awareness of and regulatory attention to diagnostics generally and molecular diagnostics in particular, from Mara Aspinall, President and CEO of next generation diagnostics firm On-Q-ity.
  • Projections of robust growth (approximately 12% CAGR) in molecular diagnostics as tests are increasingly commercialized, new clinical laboratories enter the field, and healthcare reform requires insurers to implement and reimburse for screening, prevention, and wellness measures as identified by Stephanie Murg, Editor, Washington G-2’s Diagnostic Testing & Technology Report
  • The need to accelerate efforts to standardize and "curate" genomic data with the goal of making it more clinically relevant and actionable, as highlighted by George Church, founder of the Personal Genome Project, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School, and Director, Center for Computational Genetics
  • The prediction that the legality of gene patents will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court

Source: Washington G-2 Reports