Molecular diagnostics company Mesa Biotech, San Diego, has introduced the Accula test system, a point-of-care (POC) test for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).


The Accula dock and RSV cassette, from Mesa Biotech.

The Accula system is a sample-to-answer palm-sized, reusable dock with single-use test cassettes. The FDA-approved system features a CLIA-waived polymerase chain reaction (PCR) platform capable of delivering traditional rapid immunoassays with the specificity of lab-based PCR testing.

Both the Accula Flu A/Flu B and RSV tests are approved for use with nasal swab collection, which is less invasive than nasopharyngeal swabs and allows for a more comfortable specimen collection experience for the patient.

Respiratory syncytial virus is an RNA virus attributable to outbreaks of respiratory tract infections. RSV infections can occur throughout the year, but typically peak during the winter months. Studies indicate that nearly 100% of children will suffer from RSV infections by age 2. RSV viruses not only cause upper respiratory tract infections but also bronchiolitis of the lower respiratory tract, which often becomes severe in infants and toddlers with underlying diseases.


Hong Cai, Mesa Biotech.

Diagnosis of RSV is difficult because the initial symptoms can be similar to those caused by other infectious agents. Considering the RSV virus is highly contagious, accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment of patients can have a positive effect on public health.

“Similar to influenza, RSV requires a prompt and accurate diagnosis at the point of care so treatment can begin, making our RSV test an important addition to our sample-to-answer PCR testing platform,” says Hong Cai, cofounder and CEO of Mesa Biotech.

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