NeuMoDx, Ann Arbor, Mich, and Sentinel Diagnostics, Milan, Italy, have formed a partnership to develop multiple diagnostic assays for the NeuMoDx 96 and 288 molecular analyzers.

NeuMoDx offers instruments that integrate the entire molecular diagnostic process—from extraction to detection, or ‘sample to result’—with the first result available in approximately 1 hour. The analyzers permit operators to load up to 288 patient samples in a continuous, random-access workflow, resulting in on-demand, high-throughput sample processing with an operator walkaway window of up to 8 hours.

Jeff Williams, NeuMoDx

Jeff Williams, NeuMoDx.

“Sentinel Diagnostics is a leader in developing innovative tests to meet the diagnostic testing needs of the clinical diagnostics laboratory, and we are excited to partner with them as we continue to expand the test menu on our fully automated continuous random-access NeuMoDx molecular systems,” says Jeff Williams, chairman and CEO of NeuMoDx.

Sentinel Diagnostics has more than 35 years of experience in the development and production of in vitro diagnostics. For molecular diagnostics, Sentinel developed Stat-Nat, a proprietary technology able to stabilize the activity of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) mix, allowing room temperature transport and storage, performance improvement, and a long shelf life. Stat-Nat can be customized for all nucleic acid test systems, from the point of care to the central laboratory.

Sentinel’s real-time PCR assays will be adapted to the NeuMoDx 96 and 288 molecular systems and will incorporate the Stat-Nat technology, which will be specifically optimized for the NeuMoDx molecular systems.

Results of the collaboration will include a broad portfolio of molecular diagnostic assays, providing a wide variety of clinical applications. The new test menu for the NeuMoDx molecular systems will include assays to detect and monitor posttransplant infections, parasitic hospital-acquired infections, respiratory infections, and pharmacogenetics issues.

“Today, laboratories worldwide need to increase efficiency and throughput, while continuing to provide high-quality results,” says Ugo De Luca, CEO at Sentinel Diagnostics. “Vast experience in IVD development and manufacturing enabled Sentinel to develop Stat-Nat patented technology and produce lyophilized ready-to-use molecular tests with high sensitivity and specificity. In addition, with room temperature transport and storage, Stat-Nat assays are ecofriendly—saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. The partnership with NeuMoDx molecular systems is a win-win for both companies and benefits patients and diagnostic labs worldwide.”

For more information, visit NeuMoDx and Sentinel Diagnostics.