Phadia introduces a new concept that provides insight into allergy. ImmunoCAP® Molecular Allergology presents allergologists with new tools that enable a more scientific approach to investigating and managing allergic diseases.

Traditional allergy tests are based on allergen extracts composed of a number of different proteins. A positive test result thus means that the person has IgE antibodies in his/her blood to one or more of these allergen components, but it does not reveal to which ones.

A new and more scientific approach is to use tests for single allergen components. This gives a much more precise and detailed picture of the patient’s sensitization pattern, and enables the physician to determine the cause of sensitization, assess the risk of allergic reactions, and make the best choice of allergen avoidance or therapy for the patient.

Phadia now brings the concept of Molecular Allergology to the market. In addition to its vast range of traditional allergy tests, Phadia now also offers more than 80 ImmunoCAP® Allergen Components, and the novel multiplexing technology ImmunoCAP ISAC®.

The physician can test with traditional extract-based ImmunoCAP® Complete Allergens first in order to confirm sensitization and then proceed with single components to gain deeper and more precise information, or use a combination of extract-based tests and components at once. With ImmunoCAP® ISAC he can get a patient’s broad-spectrum molecular level profile, with more than 100 test results from a minute blood sample. This is a useful tool especially for more complex cases, with indistinct symptoms, inconsistent case history or unsatisfactory response to treatment.

"Unlike traditional allergy testing, Molecular Allergology uses single allergen components to quantitatively detect IgE antibodies. It provides a level of insight previously unimaginable – one that gives the physician the ability to assess the risk of severe allergic reaction, identify cross-reactivity patterns, and assess a patient’s suitability for specific immunotherapy. All of which means that patients can be helped to better manage their allergy and get back to enjoying life," says Magnus Lundberg, President and CEO of Phadia AB.

Source: Phadia AB