Summary: Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) and Molecular Health have entered into a global multi-year agreement to integrate their next-generation sequencing (NGS) capabilities.


  1. The partnership combines IDT’s Archer NGS research assay platform with Molecular Health’s variant annotation and reporting software to improve lab efficiency and streamline genomics data workflows.
  2. The collaboration aims to advance cancer discoveries by providing researchers with comprehensive tools for genomic profiling, aiding in the understanding of cancer biology and pathology.
  3. Responding to the increasing need for large targeted NGS panels, the partnership reflects IDT’s ongoing efforts in the NGS space, including new product releases that support complex genomic profiling.

Genomics solutions provider Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) and Bio-IT company Molecular Health have entered into a global multi-year agreement, starting in the U.S., to integrate their next-generation sequencing (NGS) capabilities.

Partnership Details

The partnership pairs IDT’s Archer NGS research assay platform with Molecular Health’s variant annotation and reporting software to equip molecular researchers with tertiary analysis for their NGS data, maximizing lab efficiency and streamlining genomics data workflows to accelerate cancer discoveries, the companies say. The collaboration also extends access to research customers in the genomic profiling space through IDT’s nationwide footprint.

“NGS remains a critical research tool used to understand the biology and pathology of cancer,” says Steve Wowk, vice president/general manager, Gene Reading Business Unit at IDT. “As the pace of innovation drives the cancer research community’s understanding of how biomarkers are associated with the onset, progression and treatment of disease, their research now requires more complete tools inclusive of high-performance chemistries along with the ability to manage and annotate an ever-expanding biomarker knowledgebase. Our partnership with Molecular Health reflects another step toward our goal of delivering on our customers’ needs and solving their problems by equipping them with a more efficient path to advance genomic discoveries through NGS in support of the fight against cancer.”

Increased Demand for NGS

The rapid discovery of variants that impacted the scientific field over the past five years has generated increased market demand for large targeted NGS panels, and scientists are now focused on harnessing the volume of information that these assays provide. Since the acquisition of Archer NGS research assays in 2022, IDT has been innovating on the Archer NGS platform, as reflected by this strategic partnership and three new cancer-focused product releases in 2023, including the launch of new automation-friendly liquid reagents, and RNA- and DNA-based research assays aimed at comprehensive profiling inclusive of complex genomic signatures. This continued expansion of IDT’s NGS tools portfolio has been critical for researchers looking to advance cancer discoveries.

“Cancer and other diseases can be caused by inherited or acquired genetic conditions. Understanding the consequences of mutations requires precise data generation and analysis,” says Friedrich von Bohlen, PhD, CEO of Molecular Health. “The combination of IDT’s and Molecular Health’s NGS products and expertise enables high-quality, end-to-end integration plus a deep understanding of sequencing data. Our proprietary Dataome knowledge base allows clients to go beyond the generation of genomic data. It provides contextualization of variants to unlock the value of the data for researchers in the growing field of molecular profiling and discovery.”