Personal Genome Diagnostics Inc, Baltimore, will collaborate with MolecularMD, Portland, Ore, to market a suite of comprehensive personalized medicine services to oncology researchers and drug developers, adding PGDx’s expertise in next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based cancer biomarker discovery to MolecularMD’s capabilities in the development, validation, and global delivery of cancer companion diagnostics.

The companies plan provide a specialized service to the pharma and biotech industry, spanning the entire spectrum of genomic and clinical trial services used in new drug R&D and clinical development. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will co-market each other’s services to their pharma and biotech customers.

PGDx provides advanced genome mapping services and analyses to oncology researchers, clinicians, and patients. It employs cancer exome analysis, which enables comprehensive, unbiased genome-wide identification of cancer-related mutations. The company’s proprietary methods for genome sequencing and analysis are complemented by its expertise in cancer genomics.

MolecularMD provides molecular diagnostics products and services to drug developers. Its capabilities range from specialty molecular testing services performed in its CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited lab, to development of companion diagnostics that support new drug registrations. It also provides NGS services for clinical trials.

The scientific founders of PGDx, Luis Diaz, MD, and Victor Velculescu, MD, PhD, are internationally recognized leaders in cancer genomics at Johns Hopkins University and have extensive experience in the practical application of advanced genomic technologies to drug development and clinical practice.

[Source: Personal Genome Diagnostics and MolecularMD]