Qiagen, Hilden, Germany, has acquired OmicSoft Corp, Cary, NC. The agreement expands access to OmicSoft’s multi-omics data management infrastructure system as well as expertly curated ‘omics’ data sets that complement Qiagen’s bioinformatics portfolio.

Qiagen, Hilden, Germany, has acquired OmicSoft Corp, Cary, NC. The agreement expands Qiagen’s access to OmicSoft’s multiomics data management infrastructure system as well as to expertly curated ‘omics’ datasets that complement Qiagen’s bioinformatics portfolio.

OmicSoft is recognized for its suite of software solutions that enable scientists and researchers to analyze and visualize their own datasets and compare them to massive volumes of publicly available ‘omics’ datasets—such as the Cancer Genome Atlas, operated by the National Cancer Institute—and to share results with colleagues. By integrating enterprise access and cloud-based resources, OmicSoft’s solutions address the rapidly growing need of researchers in discovery and translational research to manage, compare, and share the massive volumes of data on DNA, RNA, and other biological variables generated with next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies.

Acquisition of OmicSoft’s software systems will add key features for the management, analysis, and sharing of both primary data and analyzed results, while also expanding the range of Qiagen’s translational and clinical applications. The software provides the capability to mine curated ‘omics’ data for unpublished findings. In addition, OmicSoft offers scalable and flexible software architecture systems will make possible efficient future expansion of Qiagen’s bioinformatics offerings.


Laura Furmanski, PhD, Qiagen.

“The OmicSoft team has deep expertise that will enable Qiagen to better support customers in managing vast datasets and gaining actionable insights for discovery and translational research,” says Laura Furmanski, PhD, senior vice president and head of the bioinformatics business area at Qiagen. “The market opportunity is significant given the expanding use of multiple ‘omics’ data in research and clinical healthcare. We intend to integrate the OmicSoft solutions into our full bioinformatics interpretation portfolio, and make it a key differentiator in our Sample to Insight offerings.”

OmicSoft will operate as a Qiagen company from its headquarters in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. Jack Liu, PhD, cofounder and president, will remain with Qiagen to lead future product development of the OmicSoft portfolio.

Financial terms of the acquisition, which was completed in January 2017 using cash reserves, were not disclosed. On a full-year basis in 2017, Qiagen expects the acquisition to provide approximately half a percentage point of incremental sales growth, and to be neutral to adjusted earnings per share.

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