Roche, the world’s largest biotech company, and Kapa Biosystems, a life science reagents supplier in Wilmington, Mass., have partnered to provide a next-generation sequencing (NGS) target enrichment workflow solution. Kapa Biosystems will create custom NGS library preparation products for Roche NimbleGen to distribute to its customers. Financial details of the arrangement have not been disclosed.

The new products will combine Kapa library preparation kits with Roche NimbleGen sequence capture products to enable complete workflow coverage prior to sequencing. The kits will enable customers to work with samples having low DNA quantity or quality, including FFPE DNA for whole exome or targeted sequencing. The validated protocol minimizes GC bias and attains improved molecular complexity to offer better enrichment performance.

“Our partnership with Roche NimbleGen brings together complementary, best-in-class products for target enrichment, enabling higher quality sequencing across a broad range of sample types and DNA inputs,” said John Foskett, cofounder and chief technology officer of Kapa Biosystems. “We are committed to continuously providing customers with enhanced product functionality that addresses the growing diversity of sequencing applications.”

For more information, visit Roche and Kapa Biosystems.