Roche showcased some of its innovative laboratory solutions and digital diagnostics through “Innovation Past, Present and Future” at this year’s WorldLab-EuroMedLab 2023 in Rome, Italy, May 21-25. Attendees had the opportunity to experience first-hand Roche’s latest technological advancements in lab automation, serum work area, molecular and point of care solutions, and find out more about how the company is changing patient care through advancements in breakthrough high-medical-value diagnostic and digital solutions. 

“With the ever-changing needs of the healthcare system, laboratories and clinicians are expected to optimize laboratory operations and efficiencies while improving patient care,” says Ann Costello, head of Roche Diagnostics Solutions at Roche Diagnostics. “We are pleased to present the next generation of innovative solutions that simplify and streamline testing for laboratories of all sizes, throughputs, and disciplines, while supporting clinical decision-making to improve patient care.”

“Laboratories have a unique opportunity to connect siloed data across systems and points of care for greater insights,” says Moritz Hartmann, head of Roche Information Solutions at Roche Diagnostics. “At Roche, we are working closely together with lab leaders to enable more patient-centered care. Our navify portfolio of integrated digital solutions enables open digital ecosystems that connect to innovations, drive operational efficiencies, and generate actionable insights for improved patient care.”

At WorldLab-EuroMedLab 2023, Roche featured new innovations, such as several molecular systems from the growing PCR portfolio – the cobas 5800 and the new LightCycler PRO System, launching later this year.  A prototype for the new cobas Mass Spec system was revealed, bringing mass spectrometry into the routine testing environment. The system will complement the serum work area portfolio so that in the future, healthcare communities will benefit from an extended diagnostic platform offering clinical chemistry, heterogeneous immunoassays, and mass spectrometry.  The new cobas connection modules (CCM Vertical), a flexible modular system that uses lab space effectively, and seamlessly integrates into the existing cobas connection modules, improving lab efficiency, was also featured. 

Roche also introduced its navify digital solutions to the laboratory community. navify digital solutions aim to solve laboratories’ need for seamless and secure connectivity between systems, instruments, and even devices from different providers as well as empowering lab leaders to drive operational efficiencies, and help clinicians gain greater medical insights.

Attendees had the opportunity to listen to industry experts discuss digital solutions, point of care, mass spectrometry, neurology, and cybersecurity during in-booth talks and tour a state-of-the-art innovation room showing the connected portfolio of point-of-care devices.