The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a notice of allowance to Rosetta Genomics Ltd for its patent application, “Compositions and Methods for Prognosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer” (US patent application no. 13/390,995). The patent claims cover the expression of miR-205 as an indicator of good prognosis and relates to methods and kits for prognosis of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is typically first suspected by elevated levels of serum prostate specific antigen (PSA). However, PSA levels are often elevated for reasons unrelated to prostate cancer. Although an elevated PSA level often leads to biopsy, about 80% of all prostate biopsies are either negative or indicate a low likelihood of high-grade cancer. Further complicating prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment is the difficulty in determining which cancers are low-risk and which are high-risk.

“The biomarker we have identified could be used for predicting the aggressiveness of prostate tumors and for determining the most appropriate course of treatment,” says Kenneth A. Berlin, president and CEO of Rosetta Genomics. “In addition, this biomarker, overexpressed in primary prostate tumors, could be used as a therapeutic target for prostate cancer.”

With US headquarters in Princeton, NJ, Rosetta Genomics is a leading developer and provider of microRNA-based molecular diagnostics and therapeutics. “Rosetta Genomics continues to fortify its intellectual property portfolio to protect and broaden our leading position in microRNA technology,” Berlin adds. “We look forward to monetizing this new piece of intellectual property.”

Rosetta’s patent portfolio includes 35 issued patents, including 31 in the US. In addition, Rosetta has 47 patent applications pending, of which 25 are in the US.

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