Seegene, Seoul, Republic of Korea, a developer of multiplex molecular technologies and assays, recently announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hamilton Company, Reno, Nev, a designer and manufacturer of precision measurement devices, automated liquid handling workstations, and sample management systems. Through the agreement, Seegene and Hamilton will form a partnership to develop the Seegene random access system.

“We are proud to help enable great companies with innovative technologies such as Seegene’s,” says Steve Hamilton, CEO of Hamilton. “We look forward to supporting the promise and excitement of this collaboration.”

The Seegene random access system is an innovative molecular diagnostics solution that provides order-to-report processing on the same day. This capability is made possible by integrating simultaneous and highly multiplexed real-time PCR testing on Hamilton’s automated liquid handling platforms, regardless of specimen and assay type.

Through the collaboration, Seegene expects to accelerate development of the random access system and to complete development of its digitized development system, which automates the whole test development process from reagent development and clinical studies through to manufacturing and quality control.

Jong Yoon Chun, PhD, CEO, Seegene

Jong Yoon Chun, PhD, CEO, Seegene

“To achieve the Seegene random access system, the integration of technologies applied in reagent, instrument, and software is necessary,” says Jong Yoon Chun, PhD, CEO and founder of Seegene. “Molecular diagnostics testing is currently limited to large hospitals or clinical laboratories. However, with the completion of the system, molecular diagnostics utilization will greatly increase, as order-to-report on the same day allows hospitals to conduct molecular diagnosis and this will lead to a breakthrough in achieving on-time customized patient care.”

For more information, visit Seegene and Hamilton Company.