Life sciences companies Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) and Element Biosciences have bolstered their partnership by introducing new products designed to enable more efficient and streamlined next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows for users of the AVITI System, a sequencing and multi-omics platform based on Element’s novel avidity base chemistry.

The companies announced a new suite of high-quality adapters, universal blockers, and library amplification primer mixes designed exclusively for the AVITI System. These products can support a wide range of applications, including DNA, RNA, and methylation sequencing workflows, as well as IDT’s proven hybridization capture chemistry. They also are intended to minimize sequence errors from PCR or sequencing that might impact demultiplexing. 

“Researchers continue to be driven by solutions that empower them to translate their discoveries to actionable insights, and IDT remains steadfast in evolving its NGS portfolio to deliver on these needs,” says Linda De Jesus, VP/GM, Global Head of Commercial at IDT. “Our work with Element Biosciences reflects this commitment and today’s launch equips customers with tools designed specifically to enable key NGS applications on the AVITI System.”

To support Element’s AVITI System with native library construction and hybridization capture enrichment, IDT is offering the following stocked AVITI products:

  • xGen Stubby Adapter-UDI Primers for Element—stubby adapter and unique dual-index primer pairs for TA-ligation library preparation workflows where indexing by PCR is preferred. Available as single-use plates containing either 16 or 96 indexes, and a separate tube of stubby adapters with a matching number of reactions.  
  • xGen Universal Blocking Oligos for Element—proprietary blockers designed specifically for Element Biosciences libraries for use in the hybridization capture workflow to reduce non-specific adapter interaction during probe hybridization and increase on-target capture performance. Available in 16 or 96 reaction sizes.
  • xGen Library Amplification Primer Mix for Element—premixed PCR primers, available in 16 or 96 reaction sizes, to increase yield for sequencing libraries post-hybridization capture.

“We are excited to work with IDT, a primary source for quality NGS components and solutions for manufacturers and end users around the world,” says Yaron Hakak, PhD, senior vice president of Corporate and Business Development at Element Biosciences. “Partnering with IDT will enable us to quickly scale native library prep on AVITI to serve its rapidly growing base of users.”

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