The i-Stat Alinity system, a handheld blood-testing platform from Abbott, Abbott Park, Ill, has received the CE mark and is now for sale in Europe and in countries that recognize the CE mark.

The portable device can perform and analyze a comprehensive menu of blood tests on a single device, ranging from blood chemistries to cardiac markers, using two to three drops of a person’s blood. Delivering results in 2 to 10 minutes, the device seeks to equip healthcare professionals with the information they need to make fast and accurate medical decisions without ever leaving their patient’s side. Its advanced connectivity features allow testing to be conducted virtually anywhere.

Sharon Bracken, Abbott Point of Care.

Sharon Bracken, Abbott Point of Care.

“As a global leader in point-of-care testing, Abbott’s i-Stat Alinity builds on our rich diagnostics heritage to help healthcare providers deliver care when and where it’s needed,” says Sharon Bracken, vice president of point-of-care diagnostics at Abbott. “Whether in emergency departments, critical care settings, or rural areas, i-Stat Alinity allows clinicians to make timely and informed treatment decisions that help people get back to better health.”

The test features a large, color touchscreen with graphics-driven, on-screen guidance and advanced light and sound notifications that alert clinicians with critical information. It also supports Cloud connectivity using a standard web browser.

“We spent countless hours doing on-the-ground research with doctors, nurses, lab directors, point-of-care coordinators and other customers from around the world,” says Matt Bates, divisional vice president of research and development for point-of-care diagnostics at Abbott. “We asked about their pain points and listened to what they want and need for testing. Using these customer insights, Abbott designed and built i-Stat Alinity for better access, efficiency, and speed to improve clinical decisionmaking and positively impact patients’ lives.”

The device is the first of several next-generation instruments Abbott will launch as part of its harmonized family of Alinity systems across blood and plasma screening, clinical chemistry, hematology, immunoassay, molecular diagnostics, and point of care.

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